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If you want to find a learning resource, you should definitely check out our site, Free Learning Resources. And for those who want to learn a computer language, you should check out these books on or on github. This list initially was a clone of stackoverflow - List of Freely Available Programming Books by George Stocker. Now updated, with dead links gone and new content.

Moved to GitHub for collaborative updating and for the site mentioned above.

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How To Contribute

It's easy. Please read CONTRIBUTING. - Fork - Read the TODO file(Adding new books is our #1 priority, but things like Alphabetizing are important, too.) - Edit (we prefer multiple small commits rather than one large change) - Send a PR - Be part of a project starred by over 35,000

Again, unlike other projects, we prefer multiple small commits rather than one large change in a pull request - it's fine to have one PR, but please make sure your title reflects what you're changing, thanks.

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Interactive Programming Resources

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Free Podcasts and Screencasts:

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